Dr. Peter Kash Ed.D/MBA

Verwaltungsrat, TargImmune Therapeutics

Dr. Peter Kash

Being in the global BioPharma industry for almost 30 years I have learned the most important asset of any company is its people. Recently we had an urgent need for relocation and Caterina and her team - without hesitation; that same day sprang into action and helped not only on the work side of things but truly became the first "new family" for this employee and family.

I guess Connectiv is exactly what the brand name states; they connect themselves to the person and all those associated with that person knowing the complexities of relocating to any new country and environment.

It is more than a pleasure recommending Connectiv for they are old school service in this new age. From apartments, schools, the proper neighborhood and most importantly the best coffee spots they epitomize.