General Terms and Conditions of Connectiv Relocation Ltd.

Art. 1 General Information

Connectiv Relocation offers services to the Client's employees and private Customers in relation to relocation, administrative tasks and other matters ("relocation services"). These services are described in more detail in the Contract Agreement (if applicable). The following General Terms and Conditions apply to all Connectiv Relocation contractual relationships from 1.1.2024. Upon acceptance of one or more offers, as well as the use of relocation services, these General Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted.

Art. 2 Contract Agreement

The contract is valid for the listed services and prices. In case of any changes, Connectiv Relocation reserves the right to adapt the package price and invoice accordingly, always after written validation by the Client / Customer. Additional services will be charged upon agreement with the Client on an hourly basis (excl. 8.1% VAT). Connectiv Relocation will commence work as soon as the contract is mutually signed, or the services have been confirmed in writing. Connectiv Relocation will contact the Customer within 1 working day. Connectiv Relocation’s responsibilities are strictly limited to assisting its Customer’s with the services described in the Contract Agreement. Connectiv Relocation is not a party to any rental agreements or other contracts entered between the Customer and the landlord. Connectiv Relocation will solely act as a facilitator for the Customer to find and secure the property. The Customer is fully responsible for understanding and upholding the terms and conditions of agreements entered. Once a Customer has informed Connectiv Relocation of his/her property choice and later is accepted for the property, he/she commits to engage with the property at the conditions he/she signed for in the application. Failure to do so, Connectiv Relocation nonetheless reserves the right to invoice the Customer in full for the work accomplished. Connectiv Relocation will accept no responsibility for an unsuccessful lease application nor for a not liberated security deposit by the landlord. Cancellation / termination of the contract: in case of contract cancellation less than 48 hours prior to start of service delivery, 50% of the services charges will be billed. If during the process the Client or the Customer decides to stop using the services from Connectiv Relocation, the actual number of hours spent on the program as well as any third-party costs will be charged.

Art. 3 Invoices and Payments

Invoices are billed after service completion or after having the lease contract signed. Invoices are payable within 30 days or as agreed and emailed to the Client/Customer in PDF format unless advised differently. The invoice shows all agreed services provided and costs incurred, such as lunch or parking fees. Customers can be charged in advance up to 50% of the services. The remaining balance will be invoiced once services are rendered, payable within 30 days. All prices are given in CHF or EUR. All pricing is exclusive 8.1% VAT government fee.

Art. 4 Additional packages, charges and expenses

Connectiv Relocation will perform the tasks agreed in the contract. Any additional tasks must be confirmed in writing by the Client and prices in the offer must be verified. Costs related to the Customer, such as lunch or parking fee, are not included in packages. They will be specified on the invoice and confirmed by attached receipts.

Art. 5 Business hours

Connectiv Relocation’s business hours are Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00. Bank holidays are classified as non-working days. On request, we are at your disposal outside office hours as well. If the services are specifically requested after business hours, on a Saturday 10% and on a Sunday or bank holiday 50% surcharge will be added. One day is based on 8 working hours, including meetings and phone calls, administrative work and research.

Art. 6 Data protection and confidentiality

Connectiv Relocation diligently complies with data protection regulations. Connectiv Relocation undertakes not to pass on personal data relating to the Customer and/or beneficiary to third parties or use it for its own purposes in any way other than as specified in the contract without the written consent of the party concerned. Connectiv Relocation undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the Customer's research as instructed by the Client. Furthermore, all confidential documents provided by the Customer to Connectiv Relocation will only be used for the purpose of carrying out the necessary activities related to the execution of the order and to fulfill all services agreed in the contract. We process personal data in accordance with Swiss Data Protection Law. Furthermore, to the extent and provided that the EU GDPR is applicable, we process personal data in accordance with the legal bases in connection with Art. 6.1 GDPR. For private persons: by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that we process your personal data according to our data protection agreement. For companies: by accepting our Terms and Conditions you confirm that you received the consent of your Employees or Clients to share personal data with us and that we are allowed to process these data according to our data protection agreement.

Art. 7 Liability

There is no liability for benefits and obligations other than those contained in the subject matter of the contract. In particular, Connectiv Relocation is not liable for the performances and obligations of third parties who are not its agents or substitutes. Any liability for the accuracy of the information established by Connectiv Relocation and provided to the Client or beneficiary is excluded. If Connectiv Relocation performs oral or informal translations of documents or information, it is not responsible for their accuracy. In all cases, Connectiv Relocation's liability is limited to deliberate misconduct and gross negligence. Liability for indirect losses, in particular monetary losses, is also excluded in the case of slightly negligent breaches of essential contractual obligations. Connectiv Relocation’s maximum liability in respect of any assignment, whether for breach of contract, negligence of otherwise, shall be equal to the total charge of the Client. Connectiv Relocation shall not in any event be liable for any indirect or any consequential loss whatever and however caused. The above limitations of liability shall not affect mandatory statutory liability. Legal legislation: we will abide by Swiss federal and cantonal legislation at all times. The legal venue for both parties is the canton of Basel-Stadt.